João Pedro de Magalhães

Welcome to my personal website!

I'm a Portuguese scientist, futurist and entrepreneur. My work focuses on studying the aging process and how we can manipulate it to fend off age-related diseases and improve human health. In addition, I have several hobbies, including composing music and performing stand-up comedy. Please browse around my website to learn more about me, follow me on Twitter for the latest news, or skim through the FAQs.

Academic Career

Following training at Harvard Medical School, I established my lab at the University of Liverpool in England where we study aging and longevity.

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Technology will allow us to 'hack' biology and evolve beyond our current human limits, a philosophy known as transhumanism. May the dreams of today become our future.

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Art & Hobbies

I compose music and I'm also an amateur stand-up comedian. Among my other hobbies, I must highlight science fiction and football.

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My TEDx talk on the genetics of ageing and the quest for immortality