João Pedro de Magalhães

About Me

I am a Portuguese scientist originally from Porto in Portugal but have lived in Belgium and in the US (Boston), and I'm also of Spanish ancestry. Professionally, and following training at Harvard Medical School, I am now a Professor at the University of Liverpool in England. My lab studies aging and longevity, in particular at the genetic level. As detailed on my website dedicated to the biology of aging, I would ultimately like my work to help people live longer, healthier lives by manipulating the human aging process. I have published over 100 scientific papers, including in top journals (e.g., Science, Nature- and Cell-family journals), and have given over 100 invited talks, including a TEDx talk. My research and I have been widely featured in scientific outlets (Science, Scientific American, New Scientist, etc.) and in the popular press (BBC, CNN, Time magazine, the Washington Post, the Financial Times and many others). I am also an advisor/consultant to various organizations, including nonprofit foundations, universities, investment funds and biotech companies. In particular, I am Chief Scientific Officer of Centaura, an ambitious biotech company in Switzerland focused on healthy aging, and I founded my own company Magellan Science Ltd. My academic work is further described in my lab's website. In addition, I have published articles in popular science magazines (e.g., The Scientist and The Futurist). I live in Heswall, Wirral, United Kingdom.

I think the human condition is only the beginning of the extraordinary journey of the mind through the universe. Technologies like genetic engineering, stem cells, cybernetics, and nanotechnology will allow us to 'hack' biology and evolve beyond our current human limits. As such, I am a so-called "transhumanist" in that I defend that humankind stands a better chance of survival if we understand and employ technology rather than if we try to ban it. My work on predicting how technology will shape the human condition has been published in magazines such as Futures and The Futurist, and in newspapers like The Independent. I'm also an atheist with a life philosophy merging humanism, utilitarianism, and objectivism. May the dreams of today become the future.

Music is one of the greatest joys in my life. I started to play guitar in high school and in 1999 made a symphonic metal demo-album entitled The Legend of Hrothgar. All my songs are available for download in MP3 format.

I'm also an amateur stand-up comedian. You can find some of my older humor attempts in my news satire and cartoons sections, though nowadays I tend to use more Facebook and Twitter for this.

Among my other hobbies, I must highlight science fiction and football.

Please browse around my website to learn more about me, follow me on Twitter for the latest news, or skim through the FAQs. I am always open to suggestions, ideas, and criticisms, so please feel free to contact me.