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These are a collection of both hand-drawn and computer-generated cartoons. Many are political (and some may be outdated), though I also have some cartoons--or LabToons as I call them--from Kit the Scientist, my any-similarity-to-Dilbert-is-a-coincidence character who, like me, works in a research lab.

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Kit the Scientist (Rules for Lab Survival) Cartoons

Blaming Interns (27/01/05)

How to Sleep At Meetings (21/11/04)

Food (21/11/04)

Lab Jobs (09/11/04)

Recommendation Letters (09/11/04)

Reagents (01/11/04)

Other Cartoons

George W. Bush's World Map (18/08/06)

Vice-President Dick Cheney on the US Military Strategy (27/01/05)

US Military Analyze Civilian Casualties in the War on Terrorism (01/11/04)

Spot the Differences in Iraq (01/11/04)

IQ Ranking (30/10/04)

Vladimir Putin Demonstrates Russian Emotion (21/07/02)

Links to my favorite cartoons

Calvin and Hobbes; I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes.

CartoonStock; cartoon database.


The Upturned Microscope: comics section.

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