Anti-Globalization Movement Named an Example of Globalization

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From Edinburgh to Bangkok, from Davos to Ottawa, from Genoa to Seattle, the anti-globalization movement makes its presence felt worldwide. The international anti-war protests and the success of the World Social Forum meetings, where anti-globalization militants from all over the world converged to discuss how to fight globalization, demonstrate the success of the anti-globalization movement. The success has been such that the anti-globalization movement is being named as an example to companies of how to profit from the new global marketplace. "Without doubt," says leading economist Paul Lavoie, "the anti-globalization movement is the perfect example of the advantages of globalization impossible only a few years ago. Companies wishing to expand to foreign markets should look up to the anti-globalization movement." Unconfirmed reports even suggest that the Nobel Foundation is considering awarding the Nobel Prize in Economics to the anti-globalization movement for its extraordinary efforts in making the movement global, an example that should be followed by corporations everywhere.

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