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In case you haven't noticed it by now, this archive contains old jokes and fake news that might be a bit outdated now, as you can see from the (date when they were posted), but some may still have some life in them.

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Archive of Fake News In English

Place Your Bets on the Life Expectancy of Iraq's Prime Minister (08/11/04)
Disclaimers Found in the United States of America (30/10/04)
Jokes with Aloe Vera (06/07/04)
Acting Intelligent (28/02/03)
George W. Bush Denies He Doesn't Know Where North Korea Is (13/01/03)
Vietnam Offers Chuck Norris Dual Citizenship (05/07/02)
Latest Poll on the French Elections: Voters in the UK, Germany and Spain Support Le Pen (11/05/02)
. . . Golden Rules for Good Living (11/05/02)

Archive of Fake News In Portuguese (Arquivo de Notícias Falsas em Português)

Ajuda ao Pequeno Martunis de Outros Países (15/03/05)
Boavista FC Tri-Campeão Nacional de Anti-Futebol (29/05/04)
Benfica, Porto e Sporting: As Piores Equipas de Sempre (07/05/04)
O Vício da Comédia (05/05/04)
Os Maiores e os Mais Pequenos Livros da Literatura Portuguesa (13/04/03)
Não Digam a Ninguém (22/06/02)
Paulo Sousa com Dificuldades em Viajar para o Mundial (27/05/02)
O Jornal Não Patrocinado Pelo Alberto João Jardim (07/04/02)

Disclaimer: Needless to say that all these stories are fictitious and should not be interpreted as real events.

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