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Being Portuguese, I have an obligation to help prospective visitors to Portugal by giving advice on how you can better enjoy our country. Therefore, tourists may find these tips useful as they will allow you to mingle with the community:

  • Don't worry about traffic signals and traffic lights, no one does. Italians will feel right at home.

  • Spitting on the floor is common in Portugal. Do not pay attention.

  • People helping you park your car in the street are actually beggars. It is legal in Portugal to fire, runover, and beat them to death--ok, it isn't legal yet it's the moral thing to do.

  • Briding police officers is a national custom. Please collaborate.

  • In Portugal, littering is allowed.

  • Do not visit Porto unless you must. Sort your priorities and only visit Porto after going to Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Heidelberg, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bruxelles, Monaco, Avignon, Antwerp, Amesterdam, Wien, Genebra, Split, Valencia, Kopenhagen, and Istambul.

  • If you are British, you may find it strange that food in Portugal actually has taste. It's normal.

Suggestions, ideas, and all types of criticisms are welcome. Please contact me.

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