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Latest Fake News In English

05/02/12 - A Travel Guide to Portugal: Learn how to mingle with the Portuguese.

21/04/10 - Visitor's View on the World Cup: Tell me your thoughts on the upcoming football World Cup.

20/10/08 - Several Teams in FIFA Futsal World Cup Renamed Brazil: Italy now called Brazil B.

06/05/07 - Immigration Protests Miss Irony: Protests draw thousands of immigrants but they may have missed the irony of it all.

21/10/06 - Make Your Own Sci Fi Channel Movie: With the science fiction movie-maker anyone can make a movie for the Sci Fi Channel.

05/08/06 - Big Pharma Looking to Use Tour de France for Clinical Trials: Pharmaceutical companies turn to the Tour de France for drug-testing opportunities.

21/07/06 - Kansas Redefines Relativity, Gravity, and Other Scientific Theories: After redefining how the theory of evolution is taught in schools, the Kansas Board of Education also votes to change the way other scientific theories are taught.

18/07/06 - Sex, Paris Hilton, Video, and Porn Help Attract Visitors: Read the latest shameful tricks used by websites to attract traffic.

18/07/06 - Bottom Size Does Not Correlate With Arrogance: In the latest research, scientists disprove the notion that a big bottom is associated with arrogance.

18/07/06 - US Soccer World Cup Woes Blamed on the Presence of Other Countries: Players say they did not expect to play teams from other countries to become world champions.

17/07/06 - Greenpeace Announces War on Antibiotics to Save Bacteria: Read the full announcement from the environmentalist organization.

17/07/06 - The US Army Finds Sponsors for the Iraq War: To obtain funding to help pay the expensive invasion and occupation of Iraq, the US army announced a sponsorship deal with several multinationals.

15/07/06 - "French Music" Renamed "French Noise": The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has announced that French Music technically cannot be considered music.

10/07/05 - Anti-Globalization Movement Named an Example of Globalization: The anti-globalization movement is an example to big corporations for how to adapt to the global economy.

05/05/04 - Microsoft® Admits® the® Existence® of® Linux®: The software giant admits it is possible for some hackers to run on a system that does not include Windows.

For more satire news please check out the fake news archive.

Latest Fake News In Portuguese (Últimas Notícias Falsas em Português)

05/02/12 - Inquérito a Jogadores do Sporting: Maioria não sabe o que é uma bola de futebol.

19/06/06 - Jornalista Explica a Pauleta o que É o Suor: Confusão em mais uma conferência de impressa no Mundial da Alemanha.

10/07/05 - Inquérito: Desportos Preferidos dos Portugueses: Descubra os desportos favoritos do povo.

28/09/04 - Luis Filipe Vieira Candidato ao Prémio Dragão de Ouro: Surpresa com a nomeação do presidente to Benfica para o principal prémio do rival Futebol Clube do Porto.

Mais notícias falsas estão disponíveis no arquivo.

Disclaimer: Needless to say that all these stories are fictitious and should not be interpreted as real events.

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