Greenpeace Announces War on Antibiotics to Save Bacteria

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Greenpeace has announced a series of efforts to protect bacteria from antibiotics. In the environmentalist organization's official statement it reads: "Humans must respect the other species on earth, most of which have been here long before we have." According to Greenpeace, the world's bacteria and viruses continue to suffer at the hands of human-made anti-septic solutions, antibiotics, and other medicines. "Billions of bacteria die each day because of human actions," reads the statement. "Please help us stop this massacre by eradicating antibiotics, disinfection, and general hygiene. It is paramount that we preserve our environment and the natural order of the universe. We must stop playing God and attempting to change Nature." Already human action has brought to the brink of extinction unique species like Variola major, the virus responsible for smallpox. Greenpeace hopes its efforts will help preserve species of disease-causing bacteria and viruses for future generations.

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