Make Your Own Sci Fi Channel Movie

With this science fiction movie-maker anyone can make a movie for the Sci Fi Channel. Just choose your options below and you, too, can make a great (well, good enough for the Sci Fi Channel) science fiction movie.

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The monster is the defining feature of the movie. Its name will appear in the movie's title and it will be onscreen at least 15% of the movie's time, even if the monster looks like it was taken from a ZX Spectrum computer game. Please choose one monster from:

Dinosaur or another extinct animal
Shark or another fish
Dragon or another mythical creature
Undistinguishable blob


The setting will be partly determined by the monster, but a few options are on offer. Chosen from:

Uninhabited jungle
Uninhabited forest
Uninhabited mountain
Deserted island
Deserted ice cap
Deserted cave
Deserted research facility


At least six cliched characters must appear in the movie:

Unnamed character that is the first to be killed in order to show the monster
Hero (the only character that is both smart and brave)
Hero's loved one
Weapons expert (soldier, policeman, hunter, detective, etc.)
Black guy or a member of another ethnical minority

Please pick any additional characters, all of which will be killed by the monster:

One or more policemen or soldiers to serve as cannon fodder
Young couple
Scientist who wants to capture/tame the monster


The quality of the actors will:

be poor
be terrible
make wax figures look more lively

Suggestions, ideas, and all types of criticisms are welcome. Please contact me.

Copyright © 2006 by João Pedro de Magalhães. All rights reserved.