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Europe has amazing venues

Having lived in Portugal until I was 21 years-old, I got to know stand-up comedy through Jay Leno and his monologue on The Tonight Show. I was already thinking about writing comedy at the time, yet Jay showed me that there was a way I could not only tell my jokes with as little as a microphone but have lots of fun. So I started to perform stand-up comedy while I lived in Belgium and I've loved it ever since. When I'm stage I feel alive and then it grows on you to the point of becoming an addiction. Not to say that it wasn't hard in the beginning. Of course it was. The first couple of times I was so nervous it was as if I was going to disembark on Normandy on D-Day. But it was well worth it. One of the greatest experiences in life must be to have a room full of people you've never met laughing at your jokes, and I can say I've experienced it, having also performed in Portugal and in the US. Because of my professional and family duties I find it increasingly harder to have the time for my hobbies, but feel free to contact me for any gigs.

Probably, my favorite stand-up comedian is Jack Dee. At least he's the one with the style most similar to mine. Bill Maher is pretty close too, though I don't do so many political jokes. I also admire some of the great masters like Billy Connolly or Jerry Seinfeld. I'm not a big fan of sex jokes or blue humor. I once heard Jay Leno say something about sex jokes being a sign of lack creativity. I prefer a more unpredictable humor, though I can sometimes tell a sex joke. Nonetheless, I try to have a clean act, though not exactly politically correct, as you can see from my fake news and cartoons.

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