João Pedro de Magalhães

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"Success is never final." — Winston Churchill

Joao Magalhaes

Given the rise of social media and networking websites, having a news section on my website became obsolete. So instead I now have a Twitter account. For the latest news about me and my work, please follow me on Twitter:

Actually, my Twitter page is public so you don't necessarily need to follow me in order to keep abreast of the latest news. But I guess it makes me feel good about myself if I have more followers, and if you follow me you are guaranteed to receive my tweets. My lab's website includes up-to-date information on our work and our papers. I also have pages in Facebook and LinkedIn:


Lastly, I still maintain an essay on my marketing strategy, which includes several links. Although it's more of a reference essay tailored to my activities and it might be a bit outdated, some might find it useful. My old press releases are listed below.