João Pedro de Magalhães

Marketing Strategy

In most facets of life, it is not what you are that is important. What matters is what others think you are. It is a cliche, but we are all salespersons. This page includes some of the tools I use to market myself and my work on the Internet and to the media.

Google and Search Engines

In today's Internet, Google is king. Ranking highly in it is therefore of prime importance. A couple of useful tools:

Google PageRank Checker

Google Trends

Google Webmaster Central

Apart Google, other search engines also contribute to website traffic:


Open Directory Project


For tips about Internet search engines & search engine submission check out:

Search Engine Watch

Portugal's biggest portal:

Sapo: Directório do SAPO

Marketing Accomplishments

Publicizing and marketing one's work is crucial in today's competitive business environment. Early in my academic career I recognized this and started sending out press releases to Portuguese and international media. Of course they don't stop because of my press release. I'm lucky if I'm mentioned in a local newspaper. But sending out press releases helps build-up my reputation. Nowadays my university's press office, part of the department of Marketing and Communications, handles press releases, though I still maintain a growing press list. Below are my some of my old links.

Some links on press releases:

PR Web

Press Release Writing; includes samples, tips, resources, etc.

News agencies and science websites:

Associated Press

LUSA; Portugal's main news agency.



Science Marketplace

Science News