Arts and hobbies

I am a bit of a workaholic because I’m lucky I happen to love my work. But life is a gift we must flavour, not dedicate to a cause or a job.

When I play football, I forget about everything else. Despite several injuries that have led to considerable pain and sacrifice, I will play football as long as my health allows.

I also love music. I started to play guitar in high school and in 1999 I made a demo-album called The Legend of Hrothgar. I continue to play guitar and keyboards (and I sing, often out-of-tune), and I cannot imagine life, a happy life, without such beautiful art.

I’ve always spent a lot of time with computers, ever since I got my first ZX Spectrum. Nowadays, computers are a major part of my work and sadly I no longer have time to play games like Counter-Strike.

One of the latest hobbies I discovered is stand-up comedy, which I tried when living in Belgium. It’s a unique, amazing experience that I am lucky to have experienced. With the rise of social media, nowadays I tend to use more Facebook and Twitter for comedy.

Maybe because I’m a scientist, I have always enjoyed reading science fiction. Some years ago I started to write science fiction for fun and fame, though the latter I’m still to achieve.

Lastly, I also have a brief essay on the cities I’ve lived in and an essay (in Portuguese) on the Bambino’s Curse:

  1. Around the World
  2. O Fim da Maldição do Bambino (05/11/04)

Working is not living. Living is music, sports, computers, movies, reading, love, laughter, traveling, .... Here are some of the hobbies and pleasures I have, at least those that should be discussed in public.


My other hobbies

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