PC Computer Games

There was a time when I used to play a lot of computer games, particularly strategy games, wargames, and football games. Some of my old time favorites included Commodore AMIGA hits such as It Came From The Desert, Championship Manager, Wings, Kick Off 2, North and South, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer and posterior versions, Mega Lo Mania, Utopia, Populous and its successors, Dune 2, and the more recent IBM PC games Panzer General series, Command and Conquer, and Master of Orion 2. Nostalgia apart, because of my career and family, I don’t have time to play computer games anymore, not even my old favorites like Counter-Strike, Civilization–whatever its latest version was–, or a footy game like the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Software Development

I actually wrote several programs for the AMIGA, a few of which were released in the Public Domain circuits. These included small applications and a full game called Formula 1 Manager. It was admittedly unsophisticated though, at the time, it was a great experience. Part of my work involves computational biology and bioinformatics, including developing databases and online genetic resources, so I still work in front of a computer for most of my day. Some of the Perl modules and SPSS scripts I’ve developed are available online.

I’m also a computer graphic artist, working with several 3D rendering packages. In addition, I compose music often with the aid of my computer.

I admit I'm a geek and a computer nerd. I have some screenshots of Counter-Strike, mostly for nostalgia since I don't have time to play computer games anymore. I also maintain my favorite links regarding free utilities, HTML and web design, security, etc.


Sources of free images and pictures

BIODIDAC; digital resources for teaching biology.


Flickr: Creative Commons


NASA Images and Galleries; excellent resource for all space-related pictures.

National Image Library; good place to find nature-related pictures.

Smithsonian Collections

TheStocks.im; royalty free stock photos.

Wikimedia Commons

Web Domains, Hosting & Design

Bootstrap; popular responsive front-end framework.

Copyright Website; everything you want to know about copyrights.

CSS Tutorial


Font Awesome; nice set of vector icons.

Free CSS; hundreds of free templates.



TotalChoice Hosting; my current web hosting company.

Security links





Fravia’s pages of reverse engineering

Free Anonymous Surfing


Hacking Exposed; good book, good website.

JAP; excellent software to surf the web anonymously.

Nebe’s IP Tracking Tools

New Order; excellent security portal with tutorials, articles, etc.

Password Recovery Software

Russian Password Crackers

Virtual-Browser; web proxy to browse anonymously.

Free software for Windows

here is a surprising amount of excellent freeware available. Here is a list of some the applications I use.

ActivePerl; ActiveState’s ActivePerl is my favorite Perl distribution for Windows.

AVG; pretty good anti-virus.

FileZilla; excellent FTP client, possibly better than any commercial software.

Free Email Providers Guide; with lots of countries.

Housecall; free online virus scan.

HTTrack ; nice website copier.

Mailwasher; useful utility to curb spam, though it does not replace server-side filters like the excellent SpamAssassin.

Notepad++; good text editor, though not as good as some commercial packages like the outstanding Multi-Edit, my favorite Windows text editor.

Mozilla.org; includes Mozilla, Firefox, and Thunderbird. Both Mozilla and Firefox are safer browsers than Internet Explorer. Thunderbird is a simple, competent mail client, better than Outlook.




Sysinternals; excellent set of programs that allow you to monitor your system. I found TCPView, for instance, very useful to find viruses and malware.

Spybot; includes Search & Destroy that is very good at finding spyware.


My other hobbies

Science fiction

Computer &software