The One-Man Rule

As it becomes more difficult to control the spread of weapons of mass destruction, we must control the users of such weapons–even if it implies

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The Selfish Genius

Forget god, country, ideologies, and all the foolish reasons men have found to divide each others. What matters is yourself and, as I argue below,

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What Am I?

In this essay on the theory of identity, I debate the essence of the individual, the existence of what can be called a soul and whether we

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>H: The Sky Is the Limit

“Humanity looks to me like a magnificent beginning but not the final word.” — Freeman Dyson Introduction to Transhumanism A significant fraction of humans live in

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Alice’s dilemma

Download the PDF here Abstract Mathematician Lewis Carroll used Alice’s adventures in wonderland to introduce what may happen in the singularity of a black hole.

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