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"That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you."

A. Whitney Brown

And now all jokes come with aloe vera!

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STOP signal in Boston

Humor is a wonderful art form, particularly during bad times as an escape from reality. Mel Brooks called it a "defense against the universe." I started to do stand-up comedy about ten years ago and fell in love with it. I also maintain a collection of fake news and cartoons. Some fake news are in Portuguese, not because I'm particularly patriotic (I think nationality is just another excuse for border security officers to fondle people), but because Portugal has unique features and personalities that are impossible not to laugh at. I archive most jokes and fake news that I've made over the years. Unfortunately, because I have other hobbies and family and professional obligations, I do not dedicate as much time to comedy as I would like to. Still, I hope you find my website amusing and, even if by accident, funny.

I grew up watching Herman Josť, a pioneering Portuguese comedian who introduced me, as well as millions of others for sure, to British humor. Nonsense comedy shows like Monty Python, Not The Nine O'clock News, and The Fast Show were also a strong influence. Typically, I prefer British sitcoms, like the excellent Black Adder, Vicar of Dibley, Yes Minister, Men Behaving Badly, 'Allo 'Allo!, and Red Dwarf. American sitcoms tend to be more predictable and more reluctant to break the rules, though there have been some good shows like 3rd Rock from the Sun and Seinfeld. In fact, it was only after I emigrated that I discovered Married with Children, probably my favorite American sitcom ever, at least since All in the Family.

Please browse around my website and don't take anything personally--ok, unless you're Dick Cheney. Comedy is often cruel and I'm not exactly politically correct. Having said that, nearly all complains I receive are due to people taking things too literally or too personally. Just have some fun. Life's too short not to.

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Writing Comedy Sketches That Sell

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