João Pedro de Magalhães

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1: Do people frequently ask these questions?


Many of these questions relate to topics I think should be covered on my website but I couldn't find a place for them. Some of the questions indeed have been posed by visitors.

Q #2: I'm a student; can you help me with my science project?

Please browse around my website for the answer/information and to be sure I'm the right person to help you. If you think so then please get in touch. I'm always glad to help students.

Q #3: Can I join your lab?

I'm always happy to hear from potential students and researchers with scientific interests similar to ours. Please visit my lab's website to see the type of work we do. If you think you would fit well in our group then by all means contact me. Funding is usually the major hurdle for people to join our lab. But even if we don't have any vacancies quite often it is possible to apply for fellowships, etc., so please feel free to drop me a line.

Likewise, I'm glad to hear from potential colleagues and collaborators in academia and in industry. We already collaborate with many other UK labs and with researchers and companies worldwide (US, Israel, China, Singapore, India, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russian, etc.).

Q #4: I want to develop a career in aging research, what should I study?

This is probably the question I've been asked the most, which is why I wrote a brief essay on how to become a biogerontologist.

Q #5: Do you offer advice on age-related diseases or on anti-aging treatments?

I'm not a physician and so I cannot give medical advice. I do maintain, however, a review of anti-aging products that debates various products and lifestyles from a scientific perspective.

Q #6: Do you give talks or advice on aging or other topics of your expertise?

Yes, I give many of talks and lectures every year, and I'm very committed to science outreach. If you think I can be of help to your event or organization, please drop me a line. I have a busy schedule, however, and I can only accept a fraction of invitations I receive for speaking engagements.

Q #7: Do you do consulting?

Yes, I do consulting for various companies and non-profit institutions, in particular in the health and biotechnology sectors. If you think my expertize can be useful to your organization please contact me with further details.

Q #8: Are you interested in writing an essay for my website/journal?

Maybe, please contact me with the details. Normally, I prefer to find a medium to publish my ideas rather than the other way around, but I am open to suggestions.

Q #9: Can I send you my ideas, for example on aging?

It depends. Everyone is busy these days and I'm no exception, so please use common sense.

Regarding aging, I'm always open to suggestions for collaborations, and if you have original ideas on the biology of aging I would be glad to hear them.

Q #10: You say you want to cure aging, but that's impossible, right?

That's a common misconception. It will be extremely hard and it may well take a long time, but I'm very serious about curing aging. There is no scientific reason to think aging cannot be cured, as I discuss elsewhere. Besides, even if we fail to cure aging in my lifetime, just slightly retarding the process of aging would have unprecedented health benefits.

Related to the above, many people tend to see the world as a sea of problems. I see it as a sea of solutions and opportunities waiting to be found. Nonetheless, I know that achieving my goals, including curing aging, is mostly a series of disappointments. To quote Winston Churchill: "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

Q #11: Do you still perform as a stand-comedian?

Rarely, but please contact me if you have a gig in mind and I'll consider it.

Q #12: Do you still perform as a musician?

No, and because of a wrist injury I don't play as much guitar as I would like to. I still often listen to music, though.

Q #13: Who writes your comedy material?

On most occasions, I do. Sometimes friends and family give me a hand and, of course, I often use material from unintentional comedians such as David Cameron, Paulo Portas, David Beckam, etc.

Q #14: Can you crack [INSERT SOFTWARE HERE]? Or can you hack [INSERT DOMAIN HERE]? Or get me [INSERT SOFTWARE HERE]?

No, and even if I could I wouldn't tell you.

Q #15: Why do you have a personal website?

This website was created for three reasons. First of all, I created it for myself as a way to organize my ideas and reflect on them. In addition, as someone who has benefited so much from the teachings of others, I believe I should share my knowledge and I hope others can benefit from my essays and thoughts. Lastly, I hope others find my thoughts and ideas both to agree with me, so maybe we can work together towards common goals, or disagree with me so I can learn new things.

Q #16: How many visitors does your website receive?

Presently, my domain ( receives 20,000-30,000 unique visitors and over 100,000 hits per month. You can consult's traffic in Alexa.

Q #17: What happened to the original Reason's Triumph and The Castle of the Dark Angæl?

Due to professional commitments, the time I have to update my websites has decreased dramatically since I started creating websites as a teenager. Therefore, I made a new website for my research on aging, which is my job, and I combined The Castle of the Dark Angæl and Reason's Triumph into a single, smaller website that is now my personal website.

Q #18: Does your website have a disclaimer and privacy policy?

Yes, it does.

Q #19: Why haven't you replied to the e-mail I sent you?

I reply to all e-mails that require a response, generally in a brief time. Mail servers, however, are not 100% reliable and e-mails do get lost on the Internet. A good rule of thumb is: if I don't reply within a week or two, please contact me again. I do not reply to e-mails I perceive as spam or mail campaigns.

Q #20: Can you link to my website and vice-versa?

You can let me know about your website, though that does not guarantee I'll add a link to it. Similarly, you can of course link to my website but doing so does not guarantee a reciprocal treatment. My website has no publicity, so please don't even bother asking.

Q #21: How do you pronounce your name?

Word-of-mouth is admittedly difficult in English-speaking countries with my name, which is why many of my colleagues in the US and UK call me Pedro. My first name is João Pedro, which is essentially John Peter in Portuguese. My surname is de Magalhães. In English Magalhães is spelled Magellan. Forvo has audio pronunciation of João Pedro and of Magalhães.

Q #22: Are you married? Do you have any children?

I was married for over a decade and have two young daughters. Unfortunately, however, my wife passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

Q #23: Do you have any political affiliation?

No, I don't. In fact, apart referendums, I've always abstained from voting as I've so far been unable to support any political party.

Q #24: I'm a billionaire and I want to help you cure aging. What do you think?

I love you and I want to have your children.