João Pedro de Magalhães

Hobbies, Art and Leisure

Working is not living. Living is music, sports, computers, movies, reading, love, laughter, traveling, .... Here are some of the hobbies and pleasures I have, at least those that should be discussed in public.

Playing football Traveling Stand-up comedy Fragging terrorists I keep writing science fiction

I am a bit of an workaholic because I'm lucky I happen to love my work. But life is a gift we must flavor, not dedicate to a cause or a job.

When I play football, I just forget about everything else. Despite several injuries that have led to considerable pain and sacrifice, I will play football as long as my health allows.

I also love music. I started to play guitar in high school and in 1999 I made a demo-album called The Legend of Hrothgar. I continue to play guitar and keyboards (and I sing, often out-of-tune), and I cannot imagine life, a happy life, without such a beautiful art.

I've always spent a lot of time with computers, ever since I got my first ZX Spectrum. Nowadays, computers are a major part of my work and sadly I no longer have time to play games like counter-strike.

One of the latest hobbies I discovered is stand-up comedy, which I became involved in when living in Belgium. It's a unique, amazing experience that I am lucky to have experienced. Although somewhat outdated now, I have a comedy section that includes news satire as well as some cartoons. With the rise of social media, nowadays I tend to use more Facebook and Twitter for comedy.

Maybe because I'm a scientist, I have always enjoyed reading science fiction. Some years ago I started to write science fiction for fun and fame, though the latter I'm still to achieve.

Lastly, I also have a brief essay on the cities I've lived in and an essay (in Portuguese) on the Bambino's Curse:

In a nutshell, my hobbies are: