Motivation and Research Objectives

Ageing has a profound impact on human society and modern medicine, yet it remains a major puzzle of biology. My goal is to help understand why we age. Although my research integrates different strategies, its focal point is developing experimental and computational methods to decipher the human genome and how it regulates complex processes like ageing. Notably, I am a world-leader in employing big data to study ageing with pioneering work in studying gene networks of ageing and in sequencing genomes from long-lived species. 

I also want to translate our basic research into medical research in order to help preserve health and extend life. In fact, I am a consultant/advisor for various biotechnology companies that focus on bringing longevity therapies to market. Of note, I founded Magellan Science, a company providing consulting services in longevity and data sciences.

My career goal is to unravel the gene regulatory basis of human ageing to help develop ways by which ageing can be retarded or even stopped and reversed, which would result in unprecedented medical benefits.

Biologists can be divided into two classes: experimentalists who observe things that cannot be explained, and theoreticians who explain things that cannot be observed

Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky